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Atomo is born from the association between Malik El Khoury a Lebanese winemaker and Alejandra Ried Chilean Sommeliere. Our goal was to make a great wine in a disruptive way, we strongly believe that the best wines are made by blending and that this is where we can add value. We decided to remove any limitation by letting the different winemakers do the wine in their best possible way and then select the wines that we like and blend them.

We started atomo by traveling all around Chile to taste wines that are already almost finished, in barrels, tanks, concrete eggs, etc. We tasted more than 500 different samples and we ended up selecting 26 that we liked and believed could be blended nicely. We finally started blending with the key objective being making an elegant wine. More than 250 blends later we reached our final blend for the first edition of atomo Chile.

The blend ended up being a mix of 6 different wines, two Cabernet Sauvignon, two Carmenere, one Cabernet franc, and one Petit Verdot.

Those wines are made with love by four different wineries, Alchemy, Gillmore, PS Garcia, and a fourth one that didn't allow us to divulge their name.

The grapes used to make those wines also come from four different regions, Colchagua, Cachapoal, Maule, and Itata.

Although most of the wine was from the 2019 harvest we used 7% of the Cabernet Franc from Gillmore that is from 2018 with 30 months of French barrels, it gives the wine some extra deepness and complexity. We also used a bit less than 1% of 2020 Carmenere from Alchemy that was fermented in concrete egg and brings to the wine a fresh, fruity, mineral, and vibrant note.

The atomo project is based on three main pillars.

Collaborative, Disruptive, and Sustainable.

Collaborative because we blended the wines made by different wineries and we showcase that on the front label showing the names of the wineries that participated in the project by providing their best wines.

Disruptive and transparent in the way that we are doing something that many people in the wine industry do of buying wines from different places to blend their wine but we do it openly and transparently. We blended the wine but the work of making the wine and aging the wine was made by great wineries and we want to be completely open and transparent about that.

Sustainable was also one of our goals and for this we decided to use the eco bottle of 400g, we didn't use any paper as we printed directly on the bottles, also we didn't use capsules made of plastic or metals we decided to go with wax, Cirwax to be exact that is more natural.

For the taste of atomo Chile first edition, you will be greeted with intense blackberry and strawberry notes followed by delicate toasty and spicy cedar hints before giving way to a long seductive finish of dark cherry, paprika, and chocolate. Elegant, complex, and superbly balanced Atomo is made with passion to ignite the soul.

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